future lutruwita


future lutruwita is a graphic anthology comprising the work of 19 diverse artists, speculating on the future from a distinctly Tasmanian perspective. This small island harbours extraordinary talent - artists asking dangerous, relevant questions of our time.

The book explores notions of utopia, anarchy, decay, play, emergence and possibility.

The result is a tender, provocative, sometimes disturbing collection by some of Tasmania's most exciting contemporary artists, both established and emerging. Ranging from painting to collage, illustration, sequential & digital art, the works are reflective, vibrant, sombre, pragmatic & bizarre.

288 pages of speculative art by creators from lutruwita/Tasmania. Offset printed hardcover book.

Edited by Richie Cyngler & Leigh Rigozzi

Lucy Adelaide
Icky Brothers
Dane Chisholm
Richie Cyngler
Jess Fodor
Andrew Harper
Timothy Hodge
Erin Linhart
Georgia Morgan
Tom O'Hern
Nadège Phillipe-Janon
Kate Rich
Leigh Rigozzi
Joshua Rowe
Joshua Santospirito
Shaleen Shajith
Tony Thorne
Bethany Van Rijswijk
Tricky Walsh

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